Flavors (G)


When the cookbook committee for the Junior League of San Antonio got down to business on building out a cookbook, they put a call out to the league and community for recipes and received three thousand responses.  This book tested and cataloged all of them and eventually one thousand made it into this thorough and wonderful Texan cookbook.

The recipes in this book represent the diverse and wonderful cuisine of San Antonio, which became a crossroads for travelers in Southern Texas after the Spanish established a series of missions along the Texan Camino Real - a rustic highway that connected Mexico City with the northern territories that eventually formed the United States.  The recipes reflect the evolution of a population formed by indigenous populations, colonial Spanish influence, and immigration patterns of the area, including wild game; Spanish, Italian, Greek, German, Tex-Mex, and Cajun/Creole dishes.

Two editions of Flavors exist - the original 1978 edition and an updated 2003 edition.  Aiming to capture additional funds through the wealth of tourism brought on by its popular missions and stories of the Camino Real, The Junior League of San Antonio also published two other cookbooks, The San Antionio Cookbook and The San Antonio Cookbook II, as well as a popular guidebook for the Missions park system.

A new cookbook is expected to be released in October 2023. Centennial Flavors.  It will celebrate one hundred years of the club's history and feature more than 150 "fresh, modern recipes that are as varied and colorful as the history of our beloved city."