Cook Book Recipes from Grand National Raceways Women's Association


Shop Notes:

In the 1960s, NASCAR carried the risk of catastrophe in every lap.  Which makes sense. Fans don't watch an NFL game expecting a football player to launch himself out of bounds and burst into flames, but every NASCAR race has always held the potential for such crashes. And crashes and other injuries often happened out on the dirt tracks that were common in the nascent days of the fast-growing sport.  NASCAR wasn't yet the multi-billion dollar business it is today - and neither was the health insurance market for that matter.

So, the families of the racing teams banded together to form their own assistance groups to help the families of drivers and teams who were injured on the track.  And they would raise money throughout the racing season to fund their efforts. One of those fundraisers is this cookbook from the early 1960s.  The recipes read like a who's-who of the racing world, including recipes from the wives and mothers of notable names (with car numbers!) like Junior Johnson, Lee and Richard Petty, and so many more legendary drivers from that time.  The recipes are classic Southern fare and the history of this book is really fantastic - just a fun read for anyone's collection. 

Release Date: Early 1960s

Condition: Very good, some light moisture wear from age.  Text is clean and ink is bright.