Charleston Receipts (N)


Charleston Receipts, first published in 1950, is the oldest Junior League cookbook still in print. By all accounts, it remains one of the classic Southern cookbooks. It's remarkable not only for the lasting quality of its recipes, which inspire new generations of cooks and celebrate the natural bounty of the region, but for embracing the closely woven culinary heritages of the elite Lowcountry aristocracy and the Gullah people, descendants of the slaves who worked on the rice plantations in South Carolina and Georgia.

This updated version is 2021 reprint of the original text with new supplemental material about the history of Charleston Receipts, the Junior League of Charleston, and the city itself.  In the words of the authors of this new edition, "It is a cookbook, yes.  It is also a legacy of women empowering women for the good of our community." 


From the Publisher:

Charleston Receipts was first published in 1950 and is the oldest Junior League cookbook still in print. It contains 750 recipes, Gullah verses, and sketches by Charleston artists. This classic cookbook is a must-have for any collector! Inducted into the McIlhenny Hall of Fame, an award given for book sales that exceed 100,000 copies.