Cajun Men Cook


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Shop Note:

This is a great regional cookbook from Lafayette, LA.  This book is an excellent resource for local Acadian and Cajun recipes and fun stories about growing up in Louisiana.

From the Publisher:

They seldom cook for one or two guests, and they never cook alone. They cook because they love good food, but also because they love the camaraderie, the good times, and the story telling that inevitably accompany meals. Whether preparing blackened red fish, crawfish, shrimp, gumbo, jambalaya, boudin, etouffee, crabs, oysters, sausage on the bayou, or barbecuing a suckling pig on the patio (where cooking time is often gaged by the amount of beer in the cooler), Cajun men have an innate talent for creating taste treats that frequently evolve into legendary culinary delights. Explore the pages and experience the dishes that have made the entire world rave about Cajun cooking. Bon appetite!

About the Author:

The  Lafayette Lions Club,  the "mother club"  of the current Beaver organization was established on December 13, 1939 and chartered by Lions International in January 1940.  Charter members included a substantial number of leading businessmen, lawyers, and elected officials who had not been moved to join other, more traditional civic clubs. No dry recounting of their history really captures the spirit and the camaraderie that are the basis of their existence. 

Despite premature predictions of an early demise, the club became and remains a dynamic, one-of-a-kind organization.  Club presidents have consistently struggled to maintain some semblance of decorum in meetings that are often characterized by verbal barbs and bombshells, sometimes ribald humor and an enduring conviction that meetings should be fun – and sometimes even enlightening.  After over a half century, the Beavers are still intent on keeping alive the treasured tradition of service to the community – while "passing a good time"!

Release Date: 1994

Condition: Good, book is like new, however the title print on the spine has a defect (does not impact usage of book).