Best of the Best from Tennessee


Shop Notes:

"Since traveling all over the state, sampling its native cooking along the way, experiencing its cultural history, and getting to know it's friendly people, a little bit of Tennessee's pride has rubbed off on us."  Well, I live in North Carolina and I've spent a lot of time meandering my way through Tennessee by car and I can tell you nothing is more true.  The food is great and the people are incredibly friendly to the point where you have to plan extra travel extra travel time just to get to chat with all the great people there.  And eat.  

This particular cookbook is one of a series of "Best of the Best" from all over the country.  The cookbooks are contributed by Junior Leagues, community organizations, popular restaurants, noted chefs, and just plain good cooks. From best-selling favorites to small community treasures, each contributing cookbook is featured in a catalog section that provides a description and ordering information.  I, for one, had no idea so many Elvis-oriented cookbooks existed, but now know that Tennessee has blessed us with those delightful tomes as well.  

The recipes in this books really are some of the best of the best of Southern cuisine.  Want to know how to cook a country ham?  It's here.  Need some fun recipes written by Minnie Pearl?  Look no more.  Still trying to find a recipe for that Pistachio Cake you loved when you were a kid?  Well, the Elvis Fanclub has your back.  

Condition: Like New