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Okay, okay.  I KNOW I said that "A Good Bake" was where I might finally conquer laminated dough.  Well, y'all.   Rory Macdonald's Bake provides a masterclass in croissants, pain aux noisettes, sweet croissants and so much more.  It feels a bit like heaven just perusing the recipe options.

If you, or a budding pastry chef that you love, is interested in delving deeper into French pastry and viennoiserie (but also dabbles in sourdoughs, cookies, cakes, custards, and foams) then this cookbook belongs in your library.  There are chapters for all the basics and then a little more for when you feel like expanding your repertoire or learning the special secrets of those fabulous Parisian raspberry tarts.  

From the Publisher:

Classic French baking with a twist from one of America's rising star chefs.

Drawing on Rory Macdonald's Michelin-starred experience, Bake takes the reader from early morning croissants to late night desserts. Macdonald reveals the secrets behind his renowned cakes and baked treats, which have earned him a place in the top 10 pastry chefs in the U.S. (Dessert Professional). He shows how to master classic recipes, such as doughnuts and eclairs, with easy step-by-step photography and offers new ideas encouraging the reader to experiment with their own combinations and flavors. With over 100 creative new twists on classic French and international pastries, this cookbook illustrates the masterpieces that can be made from the simple combination of flour, milk, butter, eggs, and sugar.

Baking is about precision so Macdonald presents the reader with clear detailed instructions to make the perfect tarte tatin or macaron. Next-day recipes are also included. Made too many croissants? Use them for croque monsieur and black truffle and prosciutto croissants, for a lunchtime meal. Each recipe is designed to be foolproof--with detail-oriented instructions that eliminate guesswork, "plan-aheads," ingenious tips, and highlights for success--making delicious perfection within reach for any baker.

About the Authors:

Rory Macdonald is a London born, New York-based chef and culinary expert. He opened Gordon Ramsay's venture at the London Hotel in New York, which subsequently received two Michelin stars. In 2012, he joined the Hakkasan group as executive pastry chef USA. After six months the New York location was awarded a Michelin star. Macdonald opened his first solo enterprise Chanson in 2017.

Jade Young is a visual artist, photographer, and creative director.

Release Date: March 2019

Condition: New