Aunt Bee's Delightful Desserts


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Shop Notes:

I didn't actually start watching the Andy Griffith Show until I was an adult.  It's fun and easy TV and now whenever we drive into Raleigh we like to exclaim "Look, Andy!  We're going to the Big City!"  But, I want to know if this is a good cookbook.  It is.  Namely because it was clearly written by a couple superfans in a thoughtful way. Even if you never cook from it, it will still give you hours of delight just going through the recipes.  Many of them are classic recipes that we know and love and many are classics that need to return.  

From the Publisher:

Aunt Bee's Delightful Desserts is filled with over 350 recipes for the lip-smacking desserts Aunt Bee and friends used to cook up on The Andy Griffith Show. From candies and cakes to rare photos from the show to trivia, this cookbook brings home all the sweet flavor of Mayberry.


Release Date: 1996

Condition: New, signed by Jim Clark