Atlanta Natives' Favorite Recipes


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Atlanta Natives' Favorite Recipes Cookbook - Georgia is a regional cookbook with recipes old and new. Beaten Biscuits, Baked Grits Souffle, Brisket with Sweet 'n Sour Limas, Shad Roe Mousse, Coca-Cola Cake, Pecan Ice Box Cake, and many more exciting recipes can be found inside this cookbook.

As can be expected with a vintage cookbook of this type, chapters also feature gelatin-based salad recipes that play fast and loose with the concept of what we regard today as healthy eating (most notably the recently-Twitter-famous Coca-Cola Salad).  Ever a champion of the much maligned Jello Salad, I can honestly say these recipes function as delicious dessert alternatives for those blazing summer days when you'd rather let your kid give your dog a mohawk than turn on your oven.

Condition: Very good, some wear on front cover and age discloloration on pages.  Still an excellent book with a lot of life left in it.