An Herbal Collection


Shop Notes:

A great little cookbook featuring a wide variety of culinary uses for herbs.  The recipes reflect the diverse cultural and well-traveled backgrounds of its membership.  This would be a fantastic cookbook for someone who is looking to understand how to better cook with both fresh and dried herbs.

About the Author:

The Herb Society of Wake County (NC) welcomes all those with an interest in growing and using herbs.  Ongoing activities of the society include sharing seeds, plants, and catalogs; craft workshops; herbal refreshments; planting, maintaining, and harvesting herbs at our herb garden at Historic Oak View County Park; field trips to herb gardens and commercial herb farms; and our newsletter.

Besides our monthly meetings, herb society members participate in other events, such as the State Fair and Heritage Day at Historic Oak View County Park.

The Herb Society of Wake County works in association with the Wake County Cooperative Extension Service and is a member of the North Carolina Herb Association. Our goal is to promote and demonstrate the cultivation and cooking of culinary herbs.

Release Date: 1995

Condition:  Very good, like new but some pages are dog-earred.