Amarillo Junior League Cookbook


Shop Notes:

Firstly, let me say that this is a well thought-out cookbook.  Secondly, there is joy in having a lot of recipes for appetizer dips and spreads.  Aside from their being incredibly expensive to buy at a store, once you learn the basics of a good spread, then your dinner parties or casual cocktails with friends will become a lot less expensive and more merry.  So will those times when you're standing in front of the fridge with the midnight munchies, cracker in your hand and ready to pounce.  

Now, I bet you're scratching your head wondering what on Earth I'm getting at.  This book has an amazing chapter on just about every type of creamy dip and cheese ball you might ever desire.  It's a who's-who of cream cheese on a cracker or carrot stick.  A snacker's delight.  Same thing for all the corn meal fans out there - there's corn dodgers, fritters, cornbread, and spoonbread.  And the recipes are written well and look delicious.  

And the chapters go on and on.  All delicious, dependable recipes with good instructions.  This book is a winner.

From the Publisher:


This book is a product with many similar elements.  It is the result of a carefully laid plan carried out with many laborious hours spread over several years duration.

Fourteen hundred favorite recipes were submitted by Amarillo Junior League members.  Each was tested at least twice and over 600 were approved for publication.  Testing, tasting, and editorial production began almost three years prior to publication.

That perky, pink-tied cover symbol has meaning for us even beyond the publication of this volume.  It also represents the role the Junior League has played in this community.

Condition: Excellent.  If multiple copies of the same condition are in inventory, customer will receive best quality copy in priority of order received.