A Taste of History (VG)


From the Publisher:

Since 1898 North Carolina Museum of History has had the official responsibility of preserving North Carolina's social, economic, and political history for millions of visitors and school children who come not only to the Museum in Raleigh but to the historic sites all over the state. In 1976, the North Carolina Museum of History Associates was organized as a statewide support group for the Museum and 23 state historic sites.

About the Museum:

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina, the Division of State History Museums collects and preserves artifacts and other historical materials relating to the history and heritage of North Carolina in a local, regional, national and international context to assist people in understanding how the past influences the present.

The division interprets history through exhibitions, educational programs, and publications available to the visitor on-site or through distance-learning technologies.

Release Date: 1982

Condition: Very Good, occasional light spotting, slightly bent spine, minor scratching on back cover.