A Real Southern Cook in Her Savannah Kitchen


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Dora Charles may have made a bit of a name for herself through her role in the court cases that dealt a significant blow to Paula Deen's southern culinary empire, but I truly hope that history, above-all, remembers her more for this wonderful cookbook.  Many of the recipes you'll find in its pages were once staples that I haven't seen in print in well over a decade, and I am truly excited that these delicious, wholesome southern staples are finally back for us all to enjoy.  Ms. Charles' process instructions and advice are spot on.  The photography of her community in Savannah, GA should be on exhibit.  Love and pride shine in Ms. Charles' cookbook - and rightfully so.

From the Publisher:

"Dora Charles is the real deal, and hers may be the most honest - and personal - southern cookbook I've ever read." - John Martin Taylor

In her first cookbook, a revered former cook at Savannah's most renowned restaurant divulges her locally famous Savannah recipesmany of them never written down beforeand those of her family and friends

Hundreds of thousands of people have made a trip to dine on the exceptional food cooked by Dora Charles at Savannah's most famous restaurant. Now, the woman who was barraged by editors and agents to tell her story invites us into her home to taste the food she loves best.

These are the intensely satisfying dishes at the heart of Dora's beloved Savannah: Shrimp and Rice; Simple Smoky Okra; Buttermilk Cornbread from her grandmother; and of course, a truly incomparable Fried Chicken. Each dish has a "secret ingredient" for a burst of flavor: mayonnaise in the biscuits; Savannah Seasoning in her Gone to Glory Potato Salad; sugar-glazed bacon in her deviled eggs. All the cornerstones of the Southern table are here, from Out-of-This-World Smothered Catfish to desserts like a jaw-dropping Very Red Velvet Cake.

With moving dignity, Dora describes her motherless upbringing in Savannah, the hard life of her family, whose memories stretched back to slave times, learning to cook at age six, and the years she worked at the restaurant. "Talking About" boxes impart Dora's cooking wisdom, and evocative photos of Savannah and the Low Country set the scene.

About the Author:

From a huge Savannah family of accomplished cooks, Dora Charles worked in Savannah's most famous restaurant for 22 years, where she taught dozens of staffers and managers.

Release Date:  2015

Condition: New