A Pinch of Thyme


First published in 1998, this 150-page title features regional favorites including a recipe for Christmas Flounder. 

...wait, what?  Christmas Flounder?!

Stick with me here.  This is interesting.

The tradition of the Christmas Flounder is relatively unknown outside Southeastern North Carolina.  The flounder tradition began during the Great Depression, when people along the Carolina coast were even poorer than usual.  Buying and stuffing a turkey for Christmas dinner was out of the question for many, so they worked with the ingredients they had at hand.  Industrious families developed a delightful, lovely, delicate stuffed flounder that included oysters, crabs, collards, and grits.  Non-Baptists who knew a reliable bootlegger accompanied the humble dish with a jelly glass of high-octane cheer.  It was a tradition born of hardship, but it is unique and deserves to be remembered as part of the folklore of the Lower Cape Fear.

For those non-Christmas flounder lovers, the cookbook also features a wide variety local favorites and family recipes, including easy Apricot chicken, Dig-Deep Salad, and Honey Spice Chiffon Cake.  There's a lot of love in this compact book.  

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