A Man's Taste


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Shop Notes:

The third offering in the Memphis Junior League line-up (after The Memphis Cookbook and Party Potpourri), A Man's Taste contains the earliest recipes I've ever seen for fried pickles and, the ONLY time I expect to see a Junior League recipe for Trashburgers.  Now, if you for any reason think these are criticisms, let me set you straight: This book is incredibly fun and any collector of Junior League books should want this in their library.  The recipes are simple, straightforward, and a celebration of Southern cuisine, both high and low.  There is also an excellent chapter on Game and Poultry.

The section on "More Than You Really Want to Know About Cooking and Curing Country Hams" is a gem.

From the Publisher:

Published by the Junior League of Memphis, TN in 1980.  This cookbook is meant to be much more than a collection of men's recipes...it is a book about men cooking: what they do and how they feel in the kitchen that makes them "different" from their female counterparts.

Condition: Very good, but recipe pages have owner's notations on which recipes were tried and delicious. Honestly, we think that makes these books more fun.  Some age wear on the front cover is appropriate for the book's age.