A Greek Feast


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A Greek-influenced community cookbook from the Wilmington, North Carolina chapter of the Daughters of Penelope.  The recipes are an interesting intersection of modern American cuisine and traditional Greek immigrant cuisine passed down from family-to-family.  The big secret of the community cookbook world is that these Greek cookbooks are often full of delicious, healthy, light recipes.  Perfect for hot summers in the South (or anywhere, really).

About the Authors:

The Daughters of Penelope was the realization of Alexandra Apostolides' dream. Her desire was to create a woman's organization and because of her perseverance and the encouragement of her husband Dr. Emanuel Apostolides, a devoted AHEPAN, she formed EOS Chapter#1 with 25 charter members on November 16, 1929 in San Francisco, California. She was elected the first Grand President of the organization in 1931.

Throughout the span of its history, the Daughters of Penelope has served as a vital vehicle for the progressive development and emergence of many American citizens of Greek heritage into every facet of society: government, business, education, and the arts. This fulfillment illustrates the promise of the American Dream and symbolizes the hard work ethic of our immigrant forbearers who labored to achieve that dream with the principles of Hellenism rooted deep in their hearts.

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Release Date: 1993