Beach Cocktails: Favorite Surfside Sips and Bar Snacks


Shop Notes:

This is a beautifully-designed and handy cocktail book for those who love a good beach-style cocktail.  Think fruit forward, refreshing, lightly sweet...often frozen.  A friend of mine uses this book therapeutically and I was skeptical at first, but every recipe I've tasted really does whisk you away to a more relaxing place.

From the Publisher:

Cheers! Bottoms Up! It’s time for a beach cocktail! Whether you are on the shores of a sandy beach or at home with a gathering of friends, serve up thirst-quenching flavored cocktails of the coast like Hawaiian Mai Tais, Cuban Daiquiri’s, Key West Rum Runners or Brazilian Caipirinhas!

Over the last 20 years, Coastal Living has provided readers with the best of seaside life. Now, with BEACH COCKTAILS, they serve delicious cocktail recipes alongside beautifully photographed coastal scenery to delight the casual reader, mixologist, or guest alike.

More than just a pretty cocktail book, BEACH COCKTAILS covers it all: learn the origin and key ingredients of tiki bar favorites, gear up with the 4-1-1 on must-have bar essentials, and refresh your bar-basics like making simple syrups, creating fun garnishes and learning to muddle! Whether you prefer a classic sip on the sand, a cutting-edge contemporary toddy, or a refreshing mocktail while watching the tide roll in, BEACH COCKTAILS is your thirst-aid kit.

Release Date: 2017

Condition: New