12 Bones Smokehouse: An Updated Edition with More Barbecue Recipes


Shop Notes:

In the grand tradition of North Carolina barbeque in which residents are constantly debating on whether vinegar-based Eastern or tomato-based Lexington-style barbeque is best, Western Carolina is left on the sidelines.  That might seem like a bad thing, but in reality there's a lot of freedom in not being in the main fight.  You can sort of just do what you like.  And 12 Bones Smokehouse makes some very likeable barbeque.  In fact, it's a rare trip to Asheville when I'm not making a beeline there for a plate.

This book is not just a basic treatise on how to smoke meat.  Sure, it's in there and the instructions are quite good.  But, the real beauty of this book is in their utterly delicious sauce and side dish recipes.  The Blueberry Chipotle sauce is my favorite.  As is the corn pudding.  

From the Publisher:

Enjoy all the sought-after recipes from12 Bones Smokehouse in Asheville, North Carolina, including their famous ribs, pulled pork, turkey, and chicken, plus iconic barbecue sauces like blueberry chipotle.  In this newly updated edition of 12 Bones Smokehouse, you won't have to wait until your next trip to the restaurant to sample some of your favorite BBQ mains and sides. You'll find recipes that draw inspiration from all over the South (and sometimes the North), from old family favorites to new recipes invented on a whim.

You'll enjoy page after page of the classics as well as 12 Bones' most popular specials and desserts, including: 12 Bones' namesake ribs, pulled pork, smoked chicken, and other meaty goodness; more sides than you could possibly finish pies, cookies, and even a cake or two to satisfy any sweet tooth andin this new editiondozens of new recipes, including our best rib rubs and seasonal sauces! Spark the smoker and light up the grill; it's time to make the most flavorful meals you've ever had.

About the Author:  Bryan King is co-owner of 12 Bones Smokehouse with his wife Angela, and where Shane Heavner is the head chef. Over the past decade, 12 Bones has quickly grown into an Asheville institution known best for its rule-breaking take on barbecue classics, such as their Blueberry Chipotle Baby Back Ribs.

Of the eatery, Bon Appetit wrote, "Everything here is amazing, from the ribs to the corn pudding, but the BLT is ridiculous: house-cured brown-sugar bacon, fried green tomatoes, and pesto mayonnaise on thick slices of wheat bread."

Southern Living said, "Blueberry-chipotle ribsblasphemy or bliss? It's hard to imagine the traditional Southern favorite tweaked to such fruity/spia former chef and restaurant owner.

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