Jim Beam Bourbon Cookbook: Over 70 recipes & cocktails to make with bourbon


Shop Notes:

This is a great cookbook, not just for the recipes, but as a primer on all the flavors that bourbon (my absolute favorite spirit) can complement.  Excellent chapters on savory dishes, desserts, and cocktails.  This book makes my mouth water.

From the Publisher:

Since 1795, the Beam family has been producing one of the world's premier brands of bourbon whiskey. Over the course of seven generations, the recipe for Jim Beam's signature Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey has remained essentially the same, making it a taste that has been enjoyed and shared over the decades. Jim Beam Bourbon Cookbook contains 70 recipes that include this classic bourbon whiskey, from appetizers to main dishes to dessertsand cocktails, of course. Ideal for backyard barbecues as well as elegant dinners, the dishes in this book will leave your guests wondering what secret ingredient has given your food such a distinctive flavor.

Condition: New