Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Below is our privacy policy for Blackbird Cookbooks - in general, we try to be as respectful with your privacy and data as we can.  We do not share any customer data, including account; email; or order data with third parties for advertising purposes.

We do maintain integrations with third party applications and sites that allow us to process and fulfill orders, but the data and its access is limited to normal business operations.  

The details are below, but please contact us if you have any questions about our policies.


IP Addresses

We may identify internet protocol (IP) addresses of our visitors to 1) help diagnose any problems with the way our website functions, 2) learn how people use the website, 3) identify a visitor who has created a shopping cart, and 4) gain a broad demographic understanding of our visitors.

We use Google Analytics for much of this and the information it provides us includes which browsers visitors use, which country their IP address belongs to, and how they reached the website.  We do not collect any personal information until an order is placed on our site.

Customer Information
Any information you provide us in placing an order–such as your name, address, or email address–is not shared with anyone else except for what is necessary to process and deliver your order to you.

Please note that credit card companies and shipping companies require customer data to process payments and deliver orders. 


Email Lists

We do not automatically add your name to our electronic mailing lists.  If you are on the electronic mailing list and wish to be removed, please click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the unwanted email. This is the simplest way to take your name off the list.

We will never sell or share our mailing list to anyone.  Not even to your grandmother, whom we are sure is a wonderful lady and fantastic cook. 


Gift Recipients

We never supply information about gift recipients to anyone else except in the same way as described in Customer Information. We do not add gift recipients to our mailing list unless they specifically request it.



We sometimes may use cookies to make your site experience better.


Social Networking

This privacy policy does not extend to any social media forums on which you might follow us.  Please note that your friends and family may be able to see your activity on our forums and that we reserve the right to block any users from our social media feeds or accounts for any reason, as needed.

From time to time, we do run advertising campaigns on social media or other online platforms.  We will always make our best efforts to ensure that our advertising to be in compliance with the policies of the given platform.  If your social media account was flagged to receive our advertisements, it is due to interests expressed in your profile and not due to our sharing your order history or data.

Legal Compliance

As we say, "If you want a happy ending, read a cookbook" but know that's not always the case.  While we feel strongly that your browsing and buying are your own business, please note that we may be legally compelled to divulge customer information in certain circumstances - to protect ourselves or someone else from harm.  We really hope things never get that exciting.



We want your information to be as secure as possible.  Payment information is not stored on our website. It is collected and processed through, which provides our payment processing and has an excellent reputation for security.

If for any reason you provide payment by telephone, will be stored off-line and destroyed once the payment is completed.



We are located in the United States of America and our policies and actions are governed by US law. These laws are not the same as in other countries and you may not enjoy the same protections under them as in the country from which you access our site. If you use our site and submit information to us, you are agreeing to abide by US laws.

One more thing...

We may update this policy from time to time as our site develops, laws change, or as we see the need to protect your interests and ours. Please check this page regularly to stay up to date.

Last Update: January 12, 2021